Multi-Genre Producer and Seasoned Artist Machi Offers Instructional Tips for Budding Artists

Machi, a musical artist, is glad to announce that her posts on Twitter and videos on YouTube are 100% free. The unofficial instructor has been providing rookie music artists with useful tips on her Twitter account @_machimusic, complementary to her educational content on YouTube.

Machi’s videos and Twitter posts are aimed at helping producers or aspiring artists to overcome problems they might encounter, such as how to finish a song or overcome writer’s block. They are designed to save them a lot of misunderstanding and hopefully keep them on track. For those who struggle to finish a project and need motivation, Machi provides guidelines and steps to help the artist finish well. Through structural criticism, practical advice, reassessment allowing the artist to block out the irrelevant details, identify what is wrong and eventually rescue it.


Most of Machi’s posts comprise either plain text or infographics. She offers simplified explanations making them accessible for everyone to understand. Her goal through this initiative is to help people find consistent information saving them from falling for scams or wasting large amounts of money in private music schools.

I support people who want to study how to get a project done from A to Z but can’t afford a university course. Sometimes all you need to revise s project to be able to finish it. That shouldn’t cost a mortgage to learn such skills“, says the music instructor and artist Machi.

On her YouTube channel, Machi’s videos are purely instructional to help the viewer get familiarized with various musical equipment like cables, mixers, etc. she goes through common mixing mistakes that a beginner may make and helps them solve issues that will help them improve their styles.

Machi is a multi-genre music producer and songwriter. Her latest single, “Drifting Away” is out now and available for streaming on Spotify.