Machi Teases Release of New Digital Album “Drifting Away” by Summertime

Renowned multi-genre music producer, Machi has today announced the release of “Drifting Away”, her second musical album of the year. The album will be available to listeners around Summer 2021. According to Machi, the upcoming album will be completely digital tracks, something she had not done in two years. Like her previous releases, her new album has been entirely self-produced with a teaser of “Drifting Away” already released on her Twitter account (@_machimusic).

Speaking further on the upcoming release, Machi revealed that creating poetic lyrics over the genre of electronic dance music was challenging for her, but she had fun making it work. Being a music producer herself, she knew how to make it melodic and full of energy. She is adamant that her fans will love her new release.


Some lucky Machi fans could get the “Drifting Away” album for free within the first week of its release. This offer will be eligible to anyone who purchases a physical copy of Machi’s other release “Sleeping Well“. Machi will be releasing more information about this via her Twitter profile. She will also be revealing exciting behind the scenes footage and information around June/ July.

Starting her career back in January 2013 as songwriter, Machi eventually gained prominence in the musical world for her music production skills. From her stage name “Machi” to her unique heartfelt songs, she has distinguished herself from the crowd of talents out there. Machi would often be seen posting musical tips to help upcoming artists and producers find their feet and produce quality music. This has endeared her to many and earned her respect from her peers.