Thank you for getting a copy of Sleeping Well…

Do not close this page. I have something to tell you.

Thank you so much for picking up your physical copy of Sleeping Well. A lot of empty, sleepless nights and a good amount of stress went into that album and the fact that I get to share the result with people like you means the world to me.

While you wait to receive your copy, here are some secrets about this album. 🙂

You probably noticed that some of the titles are in Swedish. Together, those titles are forming the sentence: “Bilden i fickan jag vill veta vad Amerika var”. This is a reference to the song “…att släppa taget” from Sibirien. And have you noticed the artwork? Like many of my online releases, I drew a girl on the cover. It visually separates my music from the other artists named “Machi”. Those drawing are named “machians” and comes from the time where I used to draw my fans, in 2016. It just stuck with me. There are two songs in this album.

Anecdote… Song #3 was supposed to be a collaboration meant for personal use (=not supposed to be released or performed); turned out it was performed AND published, and I wasn’t credited whatsoever for writing the lyrics and melody. In short, my song got stolen. A bit frustrating to see your work released under another artist’s name. Lesson learned: be careful who you work with. Then song #5 was specifically written for Sleeping Well to prove that these were truly my vocals; not samples.


Sleeping Well is entirely self-made. I was the producer, singer, audio tech, graphist, legal department, and website coder. That album took a lot of time and energy, so thank you for supporting an indie artist. The CD and jacket were printed and assembled by Copycats Media in the US.

While normally I don’t ask for favours, I wanted to give you a link to my youtube channel which contains a collection of music and videos. Subscribing helps me reach more people out there. It’s 100% free, and it’s a good way for us to stay in touch…

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