We Were Wrong

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It was somewhere in the year 2007. I moved to the other side of the country, and saying that I was sad would have been an understatement. However, I got a synthesizer and a guitar the year before. That unfortunate mix of events started my passion for composing music, somehow.

As I mentioned in another article, this period in my life felt overly complicated. Similar to one of these teenager’s TV shows, where first-world problems become school political matters. Anyway, I spent most of my time alone on the computer. But anyway.

Funnily enough, I never got any good grades in music classes at school. A few years before, a music professor said that I was a dunce. Maybe she was right. My notes were around 10/100 at best. There is a lot to say. Long story short, my music journey could have never started if I stuck to conventional learning. At no point have I ever thought: “I want to learn more about it”. However, a bit earlier that year of 2007, I discovered YouTube. If you told me that I would one day learn more music than obliged to, I’d have been very skeptical.

A personal challenge changed everything. I came across a video thinking: “If one can do it, I can too”.

Then follows the biggest plot twist that proved we were wrong.

It turned out that I could reproduce any music by the ear. So as anyone would, I kept it for myself and tried to improve my grades by “cheating”. I asked classmates to play partitions and always made sure I wasn’t the first person to play. It worked, sort of. I still failed the theory as usual. However, I gained a lot of confidence from this experience.

Then told a guitarist: “it’s good, but you can’t rely on that. You need to learn to progress.” I knew he was only pointing to the apparent truth, but I needed to hear it. You don’t become a musician by skipping classes and doing what pleases you.

Dilemma. How can you become a musician if you hate music and are too dumb to learn? You don’t.

Unfortunately, you can’t avoid music theory at school. You can fail but can’t give up. One or two years after, I attended guitar classes. Surprisingly, I happened to be good at it. My professor encouraged me to pursue it. I hated it even more than any other music class. Just grabbing that piece of wood made me sigh. That was enough music for me. I accepted my fate as a failing music student and did not put any more effort into it. I will never be a musician.

Sometimes you need to trust your guts. If something doesn’t feel right, follow your intuition and find an alternative. Maybe that’s why I could reproduce music because that was my understanding of what music was.

So I continued watching YouTube videos and focused on covers. With time I started composing music. Until the day I woke up and pushed record. You know the story, do you?

Jump in time, multiple articles about me as a music producer and an apparition on TV to talk as an expert in the music industry. I don’t particularly care about notoriety, but it means that I made the right choice and took the right path. I love this sensation of progress. I seek to keep learning more over time.

Of course, it wasn’t an easy road. It didn’t happen overnight. I wish someone told me: “We were wrong. You’re good at it.” and showed me the way. That’s maybe why I put so much effort into my YouTube channel.

What do you think? Who knows how many talented artists would have emerged if given a chance? 

I would love to hear from you in the comments. 🙂

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